Task for Social Impact

Task supports CSR managers and innovators in the NGO sector, by improving the transparency of project investment and delivery.


Project management

Built in project management capability provides flexible and scalable tech for delivering non profit projects

Investment transparency

Tokenization allows projects to be broken down into auditiable talks, for real time tracking of how money is spent

Insight & analytics

Easy access to data and custom dashboards ensures flexible reporting for the business and stakeholders

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Task is the window into social spend

Launch CSR projects so the community can take part, using Task to track and report on progress. Mobile access means deployment is easy and custom dashboards ensure real time reporting on all activities.

Collect remote project data, run social or environmental surveys, create new social projects - Task helps reduce the time it takes to report on impact projects and provides greater insight into how funds are being spent, resulting in stronger stakeholder relationships.

Get started with Task

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