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Performance tracking for Social Enterprises

Whether you want to raise funds, automate reporting, track performance and reward your team, Task has you covered.


Task allows you to be transparent about how you utilise funds, increasing confidence, developing trust and strengthening relationships with stakeholders.


Data from tracked activities are displayed in real-time dashboards which can also be integrated into other existing in house reporting tools.


Influence behaviour with positive results by providing localised rewards to team members or supporters of your mission.


Why transparency matters

Transparency is a key determinant when it comes to funding non profit and impact projects.

Organisations that demonstrate they are operating in a trustworthy manner have been shown to gain 50% more in funding. 


Be open

Developing trust requires more open business practices and the ability to provide quantifiable data into how, when and where money has been spent


Be smart

Task provides technology so you can easily and efficiently capture data and automatically present it to Funders, allowing them to invest with confidence



By connecting directly with Funders and providing evidence of the impact you are creating, you increase ongoing support with natural network marketing effects

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