Hi, we're Task!

We're a team of people with a mission to make technology work for us and the people around us.

Meet the team

Task was founded by Steve in May 2018 with Matt joining as co-founder in December 2018. Additional founding team members are Mohd & Nik who form the core development team.

Aboutus steve
Steve Walker
Founder & CEO/CTO
Aboutus matt
Matthew Rickard
Co-Founder & COO
Aboutus mohd>
Mohd Sameer
Head of Development
Aboutus nik
Nikolaus Heger
Blockchain Development

Investment & advisory board

Alan, Simran, Mel & Venky provided seed funding for Task in May 2018. Our advisory board brings plenty of advice and knowledge as we navigate the waters ahead.

Aboutus alan
Alan Laubsh
Investor / Advisor
Aboutus simran
Simran Mulchandani
Investor / Advisor
Aboutus mel
Greg Holden
Investor / Partner
Aboutus venky
Venkatesh Sethuraman
Investor / Advisor
Aboutus steveg
Steve Gibbons
Investor / Advisor
Aboutus michael
Michael Kesselman
Aboutus ryan
Ryan Merrill
Aboutus karl
Karl Walker

Our story

July 2019

Launch of tokenised fund tracking capabilities and the Discovery area providing a place for Funders to browse and support projects.

April 2019

Midway through raising a second seed round to replicate proven sales efforts and build a cash positive business to Series A.

February 2019

Commercial team in place to execute a sales and marketing strategy focused on client acquisition and brand development.

November 2018

Beta product pushed to market and first paying client signed onto to Task.

July 2018

Initial seed round raised allowing the business to focus on investing in the development team and building the minimum viable product (MVP).

May 2018

CEO Steve Walker presented to Task concept and prototype at the Earthpulse conference in Bangkok.