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Create impact

Task is an ecosystem where people are rewarded for creating change. Task promotes social funding, shines a light on brand and individual achievement, and provides transparent insight into how impact is created.


For Businesses

Ignite teams with your brands social missions. Incentivise communities working on activities with positive social or environmental objectives


Empower teams

Easy to use templates that allow your teams to work on projects from their mobile devices.


Track progress

Dashboards providing insight into project KPI’s and leaderboards to give a view of how team members are tracking with activity progress.


Provide Rewards

Tokenization allows for real time tracking of projects and the ability to provide redeemable rewards to team members.

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Let's talk about how Task can build a positive workplace culture, social giving and measured impact.

For Social Enterprises

Tracking how funds are used means transparent social enterprises attract the greatest support. Let Donors support your work with increased confidence while your organisation saves time and boosts efficiency.


Transparency is a key determinant for the funding success of non profit and impact projects

Mobile tracking

The Task mobile app lets you track important activities with ease creating proof of impact reports

Team performance

Incentivise your team and communities supporting your cause with rewards and prizes

Raise funding

All this tracking and transparency means its a no-brainer decision for funders to want to support you

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Let's talk about how Task can accelerate your funding, connect you to Donors, and reduce overheads.

For Funders

When you donate via Task, you're providing support to organisations who show you how they use your funds. Task provides blockchain powered fund tracking, and gives you insights into the impact your support creates.

Featured Projects

Everyball Enabled

Driving disability tennis programmes for children and adults alike, with over 10 years experience. Our aim is to moti...

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Blue Skies

Stop the smoke forever! Eliminate the cornfields that burn every year. Plant green forest, bamboo and coffee in their...

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TYGER Community Outreach

Freeland's mission to create change through education. Join us on our journey to provide real alternative livelihoods...

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Discover Great Projects

Browse our curated marketplace of projects you can provide your support to and track how your funding is used.

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